Sunday, November 22, 2015

Smartphone battery dropped very quickly from around 50% to close to 0%

 My smartphone battery level seems to have dropped very quickly from around 50% to close to 0%  quite a few times so I went back to the sales vendor. He told me to charge the phone for 8 hours. I am not really sure if this applies to Li batteries but I  remembered that for the older handphone batteries, I needed to charge them for 8 hours. Anyway I charged mine for around 5 hours. I also installed Avira antivirus. It detected and removed a malware. After that it seems like the issue has not  occurred - at least not as  dramatically as before.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Running Program

I have increased my running program to 30 minutes a  day.  Anlene Gold milk powder  recommends 30 minutes   a day. It seems the American Heart Association also recommends  30 minutes for 5 days a  week.

There appears to be some improvement in stamina for the last few days with this new program but I also read that there are greater benefits for exercising for an hour so I may try that out every now and then.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What's Buzzing?

I managed to pass the MIT Circuits and Electronics  Part 1 but it was a tough one. The Berkeley MOOC Electronic Interfaces was  a little more straightforward even though one has to get 100%  in the theoretical part to pass. (I did not bother about the practical part as I had done somethng similar for my degree course).

Am now looking through the  Circuits and Electronics  Part 1 course again  and trying to get a better grade for it. Anyway I am thankful for these courses as I get to learn quite a lot from them.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Recovering from Bad Headaches

 Last week I had very bad headache a few times and had to go on a course of 2 tablets of uphamol(or panadol) 3 times a day.   Apparently one should not take more than 8 tablets a day. Also I lessened the amount of  time spent on computers and took more rest. There seems to less headaches  now so I guess I am recovering in this area.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Wireless Mouse Weibo from Mr DIY, Tesco Ipoh

I bought this about two months ago.   After about a month of usage,  it started to lag. It seems the batteries had run out, so recently I bought some rechargeable ones and now the mouse seems to be working fine. The led light of the mouse would not light up, when the mouse stops moving, so there seems to be some kind of sleep mode for it. Still, I would turn off the mouse now more regularly after using it. I am quite impressed by the Weibo products as I bought a keyboard some time back before the wireless mouse. There is not much of a warranty for them - have to return them within 3 days (update: not a week as stated previously- that was for another item) if there are issues but the cost of these products are considered low and most of them seem to work okay so far.

Update: 10-11-2015.  It isn't working as well as before. Could be due to the fact that it was accidentally dropped when my mum was cleaning the room.  I am still using it though but it seems it sometimes has some difficulty in copying and pasting. This kind of issue does happen in some mouses.

Update: 14-11-2015  It appears the rechargeables are okay - it is just that the performance of the mouse sometimes is not always consistent but still usable.

Update:25-11-2015: I haven't recharged it or switched it off  for some time now.  It appears to be working okay although it lags a little every now and then.

 Hmm, looks like I had to recharge today so there may be some advantage in switching it off every now and then.

Monday, October 19, 2015

ES500 Solar Charger

 As a solar charger, this doesn't quite live up to expectations but there is something about it that I do like -its design.  It looks like one of the best looking powerbanks out there but it's slow to charge under the sun. As a portable powerbank charged up from the wall socket, it seems to work okay, though I haven't tested long enough to see if it outputs the correct capacity.

After a couple of hours of bright sunlight, it was able to charge up my phone about 5%   but I haven't seen it charge more than  a single bar yet. (There are 5 bars, each bar representing 20%  of the total capacity.)  The last few days have been quite hazy so perhaps this has affected the solar charging performance.

I bought this at the basement of Angsana mall in Ipoh but later I found out there were some on sale at Giant in Bercham. The ones there seem to claim to have  much higher capacity ,70000 mAh, a value which seems too good to to be true and there is no ES500 brand name at the back of the item.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

How long does it take to charge your smartphone?

I recently bought a solar charger (which I will probably write about later). It was taking some time to charge up so this got me interested to find out as to how long does it take to charge things up.

Here's the calculation: -
Batteries are rated with a capacity of mAh which is milliampere hours while the charger may just have an mA rating.
Time taken in hours=mAh rating of your battery/mA rating of your charger

To convert A to mA, multiply the value by 1000.