Tuesday, July 1, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia, Season 2

It may not be as big as the Idol shows (American Idol and Malaysian Idol) but So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia can be entertaining to watch at times. There may not be clear favourites or deserving winners in this year's show but there are some performances that are worth noting. Last week, Raymond and Jojo did very well. Watch it in the middle of this clip here (can't seem to quick forward). Ray and CC also did quite well so it is probably worth watching the whole clip.

However, Raymond was in the bottom six. He could not pop as well as Jojo. It appears as though he is more like a classical ballet dancer. Anyway in the end of the show, he was safe.

At first I could not tell - but later when I watched Raymond and Jojo separately, I was able to see that Jojo was better. Yet when they combined together they did a great job.

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