Saturday, February 16, 2013

American Idol 12

It was the girl's turn this week. Or are they really all girls? Some of them look  so masculine that you would wonder if they had gone through  a sex change or not. One of them was the tomboy, Kez Ban whom the producers had decided to focus on in the ninth episode of the show. There was   a certain bizarreness about her but the episode managed to show that there was a likeable side about her. I felt the boys were better in the group rounds.

However when it came to the solo rounds with music accompaniment, most of the girls did really well. Some of them sent home were actually very good but the judges had to pick their top 20. Just wondering if the producers edited Kez Ban's song - it didn't sound very good and was very short. The biggest surprise was Zoanette Johnson whose original song was almost a 100% improvement from her first audition. I felt the day  still belonged to Angela Miller whose original song " You Set Me Free" had all the judges giving her a standing ovation. At the beginning of the song - it seem to be quite an ordinary one but when it came to the chorus - it sounded pretty good. I guess she deserved a standing ovation.

Angela Miller, Hollywood Solo Round ~ American... by HumanSlinky

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