Sunday, April 26, 2015

edX: - HarvardX: CS50x3 Introduction to Computer Science - week 2

More about  functions and data types are discussed in the lecture while at the end, is the tragic story about the Patriot missile which was caused by a  floating point arithmetic error. 

Some short notes here on the lecture:-

can omit curly braces when using one line of code
ssl - encrytpion
regulations about cs50
abstraction - encapsulates
int - returns an integer
implementing get positive int for error checking
int n in the proper braces
scope - local vs global
data types - char,int, etc
char - 1 byte or 8 bits - 256 total values
int - 4 bytes -  4 billion values
float 4 bytes, double 8 bytes, long long  8 bytes
overflow - 0 comes after 255 for 8 bit values
problems related to float

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