Saturday, March 31, 2012

American Idol 11

This week both Heejun and Skylar were in the bottom three but Heejun was the one to go. What Heejun sang was not really the genre that I like but the vocals were probably one of the best in the history of American Idol. The judges gave a standing ovation but it looks like that did not count much when it came to the final decision. This seems to be unfair and in the future, it should be made a rule that a standing ovation should be an automatic save. Seems like J-Lo wanted to save him but the others disagreed. Anyway here is his performance.

I thought Skylar performed very well and should not have been in the bottom three. Even though she has a nasally voice, her last two performances have been good. Will be the one to watch in the next few weeks - if she stays long enough.

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