Wednesday, May 23, 2012

American Idol 11: Phil holds the edge but it will be close

I have been taking a break from this for some time. Donna Summer and Robin Gibb both passed away this week. Tomorrow will be the results of this year's final.

Phil has been improving the last few weeks and seems less one dimensional in his performances. Jessica has already broken one record in being the first Asian American to feature in the final. As for Skylar who went out a couple of weeks ago, she actually did not improve that much after "Shameless", so she was actually more of a dark horse than a dream idol.

It looks like Phil did better in the final song. Also the majority of people voting seem to be young girls who would most likely vote many times for him. Such has been the scenario for the last few years that there has not been a female winner for quite some time. It will be close but Jessica could still win it.

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