Saturday, May 25, 2013

Reflections: Are All Our Dreams From God?

Not all our dreams are from God. The ones that lead us away from God are usually not from God. So sometimes we do need to take our dreams with a pinch of salt. Yet we do need to reflect on some dreams as they do teach us something sometimes. For example the other day I had  a dream of eating cheaper ice cream, so I went out to buy some-  and guess what - the cheaper ice cream tasted just as good as the expensive one that I had been eating. (update:16-4-2014 -  well this does not  apply to all ice creams as the latest  chocolate ice cream I ate  at Baskin Robbins is probably the best which can be quite expensive)

So what about the  dreams that are  not from God? Sometimes those dreams could mean that there is an underlying weakness somewhere or they could be just junk or spam! Just like in life -some of the things that people say or do may not be of any help - so we got to treat  those   as spam!  So we should not follow those dreams.

The dreams that are repeated may have a better chance of coming true. Dreams will be dreams  but  the ones that come from God usually  teach us something and help us to become better people. Don't eat too much ice cream though.

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