Sunday, September 15, 2013

What's Buzzing?: Bought a tablet pc for RM169

Finally, I bought a tablet pc at the Malaysia IT Fair in Ipoh. It cost me only RM169 - one of those China made ones  from a company called Hanrit. Has last me more than a week now. Have been doing quite a few things with it. Am typing this with the tablet pc. Have to attach a keyboard and mouse to its micro usb port to do so (connected a usb  hub to the port first). The touch keyboard is too small for serious typing. The tablet comes with a free cover which cost about RM20 and a small stylus that probably cost about RM4.

Overall I am quite pleased with  the product. It is quite good for reading and watching videos. I was a bit disappointed that Maxima, the mathematics software was not so user friendly but I guess that is to be expected for now as the Android version is still in its early stages.

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