Monday, October 19, 2015

ES500 Solar Charger

 As a solar charger, this doesn't quite live up to expectations but there is something about it that I do like -its design.  It looks like one of the best looking powerbanks out there but it's slow to charge under the sun. As a portable powerbank charged up from the wall socket, it seems to work okay, though I haven't tested long enough to see if it outputs the correct capacity.

After a couple of hours of bright sunlight, it was able to charge up my phone about 5%   but I haven't seen it charge more than  a single bar yet. (There are 5 bars, each bar representing 20%  of the total capacity.)  The last few days have been quite hazy so perhaps this has affected the solar charging performance.

I bought this at the basement of Angsana mall in Ipoh but later I found out there were some on sale at Giant in Bercham. The ones there seem to claim to have  much higher capacity ,70000 mAh, a value which seems too good to to be true and there is no ES500 brand name at the back of the item.

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