Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Open Song Project - "You Bring Out The Best In Me"

I wrote the song and my brother Tim arranged the music. He always seems to be able create some kind of magic with the piano. He has zest in music whereas I am kind of like a little more into sport. Anyway, this is an open project which means others can try to improve on it. I am not really sure if this song is complete so I guess additional lyrics and music could be added to it.I think my bro has missed out a line near the beginning but for starters, I think it is  good enough for the most part. The lyrics:-

You bring out the best in me
You mean all the world to me
Took my heart and took my soul
It's the greatest love I know
You bring out the best in me

I just want to be with you
Hold my hand and we will see it through
You bring hope in all my ways 
Light in all my days
You bring out the best in me

Update 3-1-2016: The song has been completed and the the project is generally considered closed. It has been been completed by my nephew in law (nephew of Tim's wife) . These things do happen sometimes I guess! We will be sharing songwriting and music credits with him and his band.  His full name is Ae  (Phumthep Pholwat) from Thailand and the band is a college one called the Sarapa Group. 

 We are now looking into the promotional stage of the song.

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