Monday, July 22, 2013

What's Buzzing? Sago Gula Melaka With Fresh Coconut Milk

I  made sago gula melaka the other day and it tasted really nice. Recipe is quite straightforward. I boiled  150 gm of sago  in around 600 ml of water at first but I found it a bit too thick so I added  more water to it. I boiled at lower heat until the sago was transparent- took around 15 min. Many recipes in the internet suggest filtering it - I did  not do so but yet it still tasted nice with the gula melaka and fresh coconut milk.

The gula melaka was made in the ratio of 1:1 for gm and ml - in otherwords around 200 gm of gula melaka in 200 ml of water for example. I boiled   till all  the gula melaka had dissolved. Some people use less water so the syrup is very thick but it seems like what I have done so far is okay. If it gets too thick, it could stick to the pan making it difficult to wash.

All of the above  were left in the fridge for some time to cool. Then when ready to eat,  cold coconut milk was first added to the sago before  the gula melaka.  The fresh coconut milk can be  bought from the Kampung Simee market at RM3 for 500 gm.

I got a bit of diarrhea here though so I am not eating much of it today!

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